Notice on the new version of invoice creation in ProFisc

Notice on the new version of invoice creation in ProFisc

We are pleased to announce that ProFisc has designed and developed a new invoice creation interface which will soon be live on our platform.

The purpose of this new interface is to provide users with a well-organized form of the numerous data that are needed for creating and fiscalizing the invoice.

Please note that nothing has changed in the functions of the fields and the way of filling them, only the grouping in blocks and the organization of these blocks in a single window has changed so that the user has an immediate vision of all data without having to scroll through the window

We would also like to point out that the current version of the invoice will still be available. You can still use that version for some time until you get the right experience with the new version.

In this new version, we have also enabled the function of printing the draft of the invoice which allows the printing of the invoice saved but not yet fiscalized, in case you want to check the invoice in hard-copy before fiscalization by taxes.