ProFisc is a certified program for fiscalization and e-invoicing. Through ProFisc, you can make an online connection with taxes for incoming invoices as well as auto invoices.


This program enables cash transactions, meets legal requirements for fiscalization and improves internal sales books. myPOS is very easy to use and is a great help for businesses.


The ProFisc program comes with the newest innovation in February for incoming invoices, that is, when you are in the role of the buyer.
paper boxes in a shopping cart on a laptop keyboard. Concepts about online shopping that consumers can buy things directly from their home or office just using a few clicks via web browser.


ProFisc offers a wide range of packages to purchase based on subscription, including: promo, start, basic, medium, coorporate.


About ProFisc

Profisc is an open program to connect with other ERP systems. Online link with taxes for invoices on arrival as well as auto invoices. ProFisc enables fast turnaround times as well as bill payments. Connection to the system is made without installation costs or the need to purchase new equipment. Directly from ProFisc you can send the sales invoice to your buyer by choosing the e-mail option. The system is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, #1 in the world and offers Stable System Security as well as Data Security. The system enables the verification of NIPTs that are being invoiced. Speed ​​and security in all actions related to invoices. Cost reduction in all the links that the bill passes through. Confirmation for purchase invoices. Automation of processes related to: delivery; receiving; approval of invoices. ProFisc can work with manual entry as well as integrated. Its access is possible as an app or desktop/web browser, where you can directly register invoices. Also directly in ProFisc, you get information about incoming invoices from where you can accept or reject them. ProFisc is the most complete system of fiscalization and e-invoicing from which you can benefit from various reports related to your daily work.
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