Profisc system

Seeing the needs of the change and adaptation of the law at the business level, the company was certified by creating a system that enables fiscalization and electronic invoicing. Through the t.fisc/Profisc system, every business performs the mandatory reporting of transactions to the tax administration. The system comes to your aid for all types of actions with/without cash. It also enables receipt of purchase invoices.
Fiscalization ProFisc

How it works

The entire system is built in the Cloud, minimizing system maintenance costs for all customers who have chosen to use it. The system is built open, which has the possibility to work independently as well as integrated with the various financial systems or only for billing. The system is multi-company and unlimited in the number of users, where it enables each user to have his role. Each user can be connected to more than one company. Also, the latest innovation of the ProFisc system is that you can access it as a desktop program or from a web browser and directly on your smartphone as an app by downloading it from the Play Store and iOS. Your current location will not be a problem to execute or receive your invoices.

ProFisc System is User-Friendly

ProFisc App is easy to use and you can download it directly on App Store and Play Store!
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